WOW Scholarship Winners

We are proud to present Women of Willamette Scholarship candidates and winners.


Cierra Weger- FIRST PLACE $5000

Cierra Weger

Cierra’s self-described three best attributes are perception, being adaptable, and achiever. But one is missing, she’s a warrior! Cierra has survived and rose from unthinkable challenges, and those experiences will make her an excellent Oregon State Trooper when she graduates from Police Reserve Academy at Umpqua Community College. Cierra has already achieved college-level Environmental Technology in high school, her CNA license, and has been on the Dean’s List for two terms at Umpqua Community College. As an ambitious young woman, Cierra lives alone, works a full-time job, a part-time job, and commits to her studies by taking a 12-15 credit load.

"This scholarship will give me the opportunity to finish up my final two terms for my criminal justice degree. This means that I will be one step closer to pursue my dreams of being in law enforcement. Although a degree is not a requirement of entry level positions within law enforcement, I have always strived to be the best person I can be. For me this means putting in the hours for a degree to have a better knowledge of what it is that I’m working for. I am attending college later than most do, but my life has always been on a different set of tracks than most as well. I know this degree will not be my final step in my education but I am proud to say it is a giant first step I am glad to see the finish line for. Thank You!"

Kathryn Lawson-SECOND PLACE $3000

Kathryn LawsonThis fall, Kathryn will be the first in her family to pursue a college degree and doing so in Early Childhood Education. Since kindergarten, Kathryn has had a goal of becoming valedictorian of her graduating class and as of the time of her application entry, she was right on track. Kathryn is a straight-A student, with a class load of honors and AP coursework. She is also a Performing Arts Student of the Year Award recipient. Kathryn’s self-described three best attributes are perseverance, intelligence, and compassion. All of the vital qualities that make a fabulous future teacher.


Sydney Hansen-THIRD PLACE $2000

Sydney Hansen

Sydney is striving for a Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing through Linfield College, to become a Neonatal Nurse Practitioner. Sydney has been taking Honors and AP Classes all 4 years in high school. As one of only 7 students, Sydney achieved her CNA license while in high school. She describes her three best attributes as strong leadership skills, a sense of determination, and good sense of humor. Her passion when not studying and pursuing her educational goals is figure skating.

Quinn Hoffman-FOURTH PLACE $1000

Quinn Hoffman

Quinn is a focused young woman who will be attending Boise State University to pursue a degree in Criminal Justice, with a minor in Spanish. Quinn’s top academic accomplishments are 7 AP courses throughout her high school career while achieving a 4.0 GPA, graduating the top 18% of her class, and a member of both National Honors Society and World Language Honors. Quinn’s top 3 attributes are being a great mediator in groups in conflict, which will serve her well in her chosen career. She is task-oriented and loves her family. During Quinn’s free time, she enjoys horseback riding and watching Criminal Minds.



Keaton Hoye

Keaton Hoye

This June, Keaton graduated in Biology and Public Health, with honors from Portland State University. In the fall, she will continue her education to fulfill her dream in law school pursuits. Keaton’s academic achievements include becoming one of the three undergraduate students to work as an undergraduate researcher for the NOAA Marine Mammal Laboratory at Portland State. Keaton received a 4.0 GPA which consisted of not only upper-division science courses, but upper-division writing courses, and a term-long project of volunteering and developing a school garden and creating a STEM curriculum at Vern Elementary. When Keaton is not deep in study, she is involved as President of the Oregon Dressage Youth Team and a 4-H Vice President.

Macy Showalter

Mact Showalter

At age 17, Macy is already a student CEO! For the past 2 years, Macy has been part of Tiger Manufacturing where she worked teaching other students and learned to run a business. But in the fall, Macy will pursue a major in Environmental Science and Mathematics Education. Macy held a 4.15 GPA and was ranked 18th in her class. Her self describes the best three attributes are curious, enthusiastic, and being accountable. All these qualities add up to compassion which is further demonstrated by Macy when she took her passion for crocheting and began creating hats for the newborns neonatal. After 70+ hats, Macy learned to put her interests and skills into creating something, will bring a smile to someone’s face.


MacKenzie Russell

mackenzie russell oregon

MacKenzie graduated with a 3.9 while taking several AP courses and facing personal challenges with ADHD and anxiety. Her competitive spirit as a water polo enthusiast has prepared her well for the journey as an Azusa Pacific University student studying Biology for Pre-Med. McKenzie’s best attributes are leadership, dedication, and empathy. An example of dedication is MacKenzie’s awards in Honors at Newberg HS, Academic All-American award by USA Water Polo, and Azusa Pacific University Dean’s Scholarship.

Hope Monaghan

hope monaghan oregon

Hope is a very determined young woman who is pursuing her education to become a school counselor and is planning to attend the University of Oregon in the fall. Three of Hope’s best attributes are being empathetic, being an outgoing person, and saying what needs to be said without fear. Hope enjoys giving back to her community and is committed to her education by self-financing her goals with the help of WOW.


First Place- Meghan Seifert

megan seifert wow scholarship winner

Meghan Seifert was the 2019 Cathy Stoller WOW Scholarship winner. This scholarship allowed Meghan to cut back on work and get more involved in school as well as reduce her debt coming out of school into the workforce. She was able to lead the reproductive health and justice club, tutor students and attended a conference on trauma informed care that was largely geared toward reproductive healthcare providers, which is what she aspires to be. 

Meghan is excited about learning how to be a critical care nurse and started her job as an ICU nurse at Peacehealth Sacredheart on February 20. She's in a training program for new grads with her main focus on learning how she can provide the best care to patients who are critically ill and build the foundations of her nursing practice.

Her short term goals are to grow as a nurse, meditate every day and run a half marathon. A long term goal of hers is to go back to school to become a certified nurse midwife. She would like to live on a few acres of land and create a sustainable living space with a community center of some sort. She loves living in a vibrant, dynamic ecosystem, that we can enjoy in the form of produce, wine and beautiful scenery.  She also loves the closeness of the community in the Willamette valley and is grateful to be sponsored by her dear friend Kelly Kidneigh, who is a member of WOW.